Friday, December 2, 2016


Heading into this class I didn’t know what to expect and what I would get out of it but to my surprise this class has not only developed my knowledge of the outside world and my problem solving skills in excel but it also expanded my knowledge about myself. The material that we went over in class will definitely help me out when I will have a full time job because unlike other classes we tied everything together and through the blogs we were able to link everything to the real world.

I have always wanted to open up my own business one day and become a leader to others and I feel that through this class it made me realize the many aspects of being a leader and working with others in a work environment. Throughout this class we looked at many aspects at what makes a worker stand out from the others and we had even written a paper on the different types of shirking and rewards. Even though I worked a lot before I never realized how much actually went in being a successful worker and how different managerial styles can change the outcome of the employees. The different methods to manage people will not only be useful in my work environment but it will also come in handy in my day-to-day life. I strongly believe that a key component to my understanding and learning in this class can be contributed to the blogging that we have to do on a weekly basis. Unlike other classes where we learn a lot of key components in class and then go home and do word problems and just brush off the material until exam time, in this class through blogging we are able to tie what we just learned in class to the real world and by doing it this way I was able to remember the material better.

Overall I think that this course was very helpful in the way that it was structured and because it offered a different element that truly helped my learning by a lot. I felt that the discussions and activities that we’ve had in class were interesting and challenging at times. One thing that I would do to improve is to incorporate more activities in during the class time. Also, I feel like the blogs should not be due on Friday because I always get sidetracked and forget to do them until Saturday morning or Sunday. I feel like if they had a due date during the week for example Wednesday or Thursday like how the excel homework is then it would be much easier for me to remember to submit them on time and wouldn’t make me want to procrastinate and then forget about it. At first when I learned that we would have to do blogs every week and we would have to write about different prompts I thought it would be a nuisance like one of my previous classes where we had to write reflections every week but this was different because the prompts we had to write about were related to what we were doing in class meanwhile in my other class all we had to do is write about what we thought about the material and most of the time it didn’t take much concentration to do the required work in order to get full points. I also appreciate reading the responses that I get on my posts from the professor and getting further challenged on what I wrote. I definitely like this interaction and this was one of the first classes that I’ve had here at the university where the professor was very engaged in what we write and challenging us to see the bigger point to what we learn in class and some of the things we learned I would’ve never thought of as being important until I saw the role they might play in my future. All in all, I really liked how the professor was more set on making sure that we learn something from this class instead of focusing on the grading system that much, I feel like this strategy definitely made it easier for me to be more open in my posts.


  1. You are the second person to talk about moving the blog deadline forward. It is an interesting thought, how the deadline impacts your behavior. It was certainly feasible for you do get your posts done on Thursday. So I would be curious as to why you didn't make this adjustment yourself.

    Now a little bit of under selling of the class. I doubt it has prepared you well to run your own business. There are so many practical issues that it didn't touch on at all. But what I hope it did deliver is to give you some mental framework about how you might consider those practical issues and that have multiple different ways to view these things is a benefit much more than it it is a burden.

    I am glad you liked to approach with the blogging. The funny thing about it is that I stumbled into it when teaching a class that wasn't about economics, so I felt less obligated to steer students in a certain direction and instead just tried to get them to see the implications of their own thinking. My sense is that most students could use a lot of coaching this way, but don't get much of that. If that is how our class is a value add for you, that's good to hear.

    1. I don't really know why I never made the adjustment to do the blog on Thursday that way I would get it out of the way I guess I just tended to procrastinate and I would get caught up in other things since I usually work on Fridays. I agree I don't think any one class could prepare someone to the max extent to be one hundred percent ready for the real world and to run a business successfully but I definitely believe that this class more than others opened me up to new ideas that I never considered and made e think more in depth on what it takes to deal with others in a work environment and be successful at it. I think that this class had a lot of similarities with a book I read a while ago called Zero to One which was written by David Thiel who was one of the founders of PayPal and in his book he gives a lot of suggestions on how to manage a startup and how to manage/choose your workers. I felt that this class went in a lot more detail from some of the points that he made in that book regarding success and how to be a manager.

      I am definitely a strong supporter for how you ran your class and I wish this was a tool that more teachers would use because I feel like by writing about things that we learn in class and linking them to our past makes it easier to remember the material for future use. Also, by doing blogs I always get feedback on my responses and the feedback is always constructive and challenging in the way that it makes me want to go in more detail and further link the small details together. Overall great class and I enjoyed having you as my professor!

  2. I wouldn't say this class has taught me how to run a business, but is has taught me a lot. For instance, I now know that my reputation is huge when i first start my career . I will make sure that the first few weeks I do not shirk and that I am an employee that puts in hard work and effort. This class has put me in a mental mindset of an organization and opened up my eyes to a lot of things that employers are looking for on the job through their employees.